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  • Sep30 Moondance - Ministry Of Sound Ministry of Sound Tickets
  • Sep30 Private Party
  • Oct07 Amnesia House 35 Years of Rave Part III Kasbah in Coventry Tickets
  • Oct14 This House Is For Rave House 93ft East Tickets
  • Oct14 Manchester Adored - Bowlers Manchester Bowlers Exhibition Centre Tickets
  • Oct20 Toby Spin Pres. Slipmatt - The Godfather of Rave Returns to Frome! Frome Tickets
  • Oct21 Ibiza Legends - Slip Back in Time with Slipmatt Players Lounge Tickets
  • Nov03 Ibiza Classics - Metropolitan - Bushey Metropolitan Bushey Tickets
  • Nov04 Old Skool Brunch Osteria Due Amici


New World Of Rave Logo

My World Of Rave

Raveworld I’ve always had this urge within me to spread the love of all things Rave around the world. Hence, back in 2004...

DJ Smiley's Home & Away footy tops...

Why Should We Never Give Up?

My Biggest Fan For quite a few years now I’ve had a particular fan that stands out from the rest. He likes, comments...

The Amazing Roland TB-303

A Brief History Of Acid House

Acid House Acid House: One of the most prominent genres to ever hit raving and dance music in general. It was a worldwide...

30 Years Of Rave… And Still Going Strong!

The Movement Who would have thought it 30 years ago, that a whole underground movement of music loving people would still be up...

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