The Movement

Who would have thought it 30 years ago, that a whole underground movement of music loving people would still be up for dancing all night to a very similar beat. Repetitive House Music, Old Skool Rave, and even Acid House are still hugely popular. I do find it amazing how our scene has lasted so long. Obviously the whole thing has evolved massively through the past 30 years, but even some of the latest Tech-House isn’t that far away from the sounds of 1988. Also, I must say that some of the raves and festivals I play at still manage to capture that Old Skool vibe. To top it off, the audiences still adore the old tunes.

The Journey

It’s been a mad old journey for me. In 1988 I played my first professional gig in Camden Lock, London. I was basically a fully dedicated bedroom DJ from 1986 on wards. The intention was never a life-long career in music. I was just in-to mixing records in a massive way. The tunnel vision for playing my music mixed with a burning desire to succeed was the main reason why I managed to break the underground DJ circuit.

By early 1989 I was running a pirate radio station, Raw FM 104.4, out of a tower block in East London with DJ Lime and my crew. Then in September of that year Raindance was my springboard to the world. Over the next 3 years I went from a budding newbie, to a world famous touring DJ with 3 top 40 singles under my belt and sales of almost half a million records. I certainly wasn’t expecting that!

The Heyday

1989-1992 was my main heyday really, although I was still top of the Rave game through the 90’s and have had continued success right up to this day. There’s not been a single year since 1988 that hasn’t been big for Rave Music in some way or another, and I’ve always been there supporting it.

Fantazia @ Donington Park 1991
Fantazia @ Donington Park

2018 Is Booming Already

2018 is no different. Already, before the end of January my diary is getting very busy for the year ahead. There are new ideas and opportunities popping up everywhere. Although the Old Skool Rave scene has certainly downsized over the years, the overall quality of events is possibly getting better. Even Strictly Old Skool at Ibiza Rocks this year is already looking much busier and better than 2017. With a line-up and venues that surpass all previous years put together, 2018 is looking awesome.

So for this year, some of my DJ sets will be honouring 30 years of Rave. I have been playing upfront House Music again recently and also been in the studio recording new music again too. So my mission for 2018 is to take you on a journey to celebrate the past 30 years… if you hear me mixing Voodoo Ray or On A Ragga Tip in with the latest Solardo or CamelPhat tracks, hopefully you’ll understand where I’m coming from ?

Slipmatt playing the Bang Hai Stage at Boomtown
Slipmatt on the Bang Hai Stage @ Boomtown 2017

Please check out my weekly World Of Rave Old Skool Show. Also my upfront Slip’s House show across iTunes, Soundcloud and Mixcloud. World Of Rave is also broadcast weekly across 20 stations worldwide online and on FM.

You can also catch me on Rinse FM at 9pm 21st February. I’ll be alongside Sooney, Shadow Child and Alexis Raphael for a special show of Old Skool and how it relates to today’s new music. This will be a vinyl only session.

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