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Ibiza Raves at Ibiza Rocks

Ibiza Raves… at Ibiza Rocks!

Slipmatt In Ibiza I’ve been DJing in Ibiza since 1994 when I flew over to play at a club called Kaos for my...


Slipmatt’s Ultimate Universal Collection

Slipmatt’s Ultimate Universal Collection After the incredible success of my last album, the SMD Collection, I thought it only natural to gather together...

Slipmatt Simon Royal Rave Acid House Old Skool Jungle HappyHardcore

Back To Slipmatt… I Just Can’t Live Without Rave!

I was sent this update to a guest blog I featured from Simon Royal back in March this year. It’s a great little...

Slip's House

Slip’s House

Slip’s House The BRAND NEW mix with my unique blend of House Music and more… Listen to the very first episode on the...

rave soldier

165 Days Of Rave… Nothing But Slipmatt

I have a guest blog this month from one of my biggest fans, so it seems. Simon Royal had been popping up on...

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