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I’ve been DJing in Ibiza since 1994 when I flew over to play at a club called Kaos for my old friend Marco Giovanni. Originally it was called Star Club, and then after a few years as Kaos it turned in to Eden. It has since been pretty much rebuilt in to an amazing Super-club, and is still looking amazing in 2017. I’ve also played Eden tons of times over the past 23 years, and many seasons flying over every week. In May 2018 I will be back at Eden for the huge Strictly Old Skool Rave.

My history with Ibiza is extensive, having played many other Super-clubs and iconic venues too including Es Paradis, Space, Privilege, Amnesia, The Zoo, Summum, the original Nightlife, and the list goes on. I worked it out that I’ve probably travelled back and forth to Ibiza over 200 times over the years. I love Ibiza, and it’s like a 2nd home to me.

Strictly Old Skool

The seed for Strictly Old Skool in Ibiza was sewn back in 2013 when an old DJ mate of mine, Alex Ellenger, mentioned to me that some of his mates (John, Lisa and Will) were looking to start an Old Skool event, and wanted my help. Long story short, I went and met them on my own in Ibiza out of season and agreed to help with the music and DJs.  I then got Billy Bunter involved as he was my business partner at the time, and in 2014 SOS Ibiza was born.


Strictly Old Skool has been a great success over the past 4 years in bringing a lot of beautiful, like minded people together and creating lasting friendships. All of the events have been amazing and the whole experience has been fun, fun, and more fun.

At the same time, there have been challenges for 2017 behind the scenes, especially as there has a been a divide this year. A new event was created this year in Kavos, Corfu, which unfortunately overlapped on the same week as SOS and had a very similar line-up of DJs and artists. I did actually attend their event and it was pretty cool. I do love Kavos, have played there regularly for over 20 years, and have tons of friends over there, but for me personally, it can’t possibly compare. Ibiza is where my heart is when it comes to music, dancing, partying, and even relaxing. It’s the party capital of the world, and the spiritual home of dance music for me and always will be.

Strictly Old Skool Ibiza Party

New SOS Team

So with the challenges SOS were facing after the 2017 event, and for 2018, I decided to step up and get more involved to help the company expand. Over the past few months we’ve built a new team and totally turned the business around. We’ve had a large investment from someone who has been to every SOS since the start, and after a meeting in Ibiza a couple of months ago, we managed to secure possibly the best hotel on the whole island suited to our 7 day event.

Ibiza Rocks – Manumission

Ibiza Rocks is like a dream come true and is easily big enough to keep us all under one roof. We will have our DJs playing through the day every day on an amazing sound system, and we’ll have themed pool parties through to the evening. Mambo, Café Del Mar and the sunset strip is a stone’s throw away, or just enjoy the in house BBQ and super friendly bar service. Then at night we can walk just a few minutes to some of the best super-clubs on the island, or simply grab a taxi directly opposite the hotel.

It’s so mad because I’ve known the owners of Ibiza Rocks as friends for over 20 years from when they used to run Manumission at Privilege, possibly the biggest and most famous Ibiza event of the 90s. It just never occurred to me before to ask if we could use their hotel. I couldn’t see the wood through the trees, as they say lol.

So, I’m very excited that Strictly Old Skool has a new home for 2018, and hopefully for years to come. Please go and check out the brand new website and go get yourself booked up for the rave holiday of a lifetime. I know you’ll be convinced as soon as you see the pictures. Also make sure you join our Facebook Page for updates. Come and get involved in the biggest and best SOS event to date. Book it, Pack it, Av it, and see you there 19-26 May 2018. | | 020 3417 0143

Huge Line-Up For Ibiza May 2018
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