Slipmatt’s Ultimate Universal – Limited Edition Double CD

22 years ago I decided to start up my own Happy Hardcore style label with the help of DJ Demo and some of the artists around me that I had known for a fair few years. The outcome was Universal Records which boasted releases from ‘A Sense Of Summer’ aka Force & Styles, as well as Sy & Unknown, Brisk, Billy Bunter, Sharkey, Ramos & Supreme, DJ Ham and more. I’ve looked after all of the original masters carefully over the years and I decided to remaster and share them with the world. I’m very proud of this fine collection of classic tracks from a totally unique era in UK dance music, and I sincerely hope you enjoy the album.



Slipmatt’s Ultimate Universal Collection – Limited Edition Double CD

Release Date : May 1, 2018
Artist : slipmatt
Catalog ref. : DI-WOR003
Format : CD