I was sent this update to a guest blog I featured from Simon Royal back in March this year. It’s a great little read supplied by one of the biggest Old Skool fans on the planet.

Thank You Simon :)

Back To Slipmatt… I Just Can’t Live Without Rave by Simon Royal

It seems you can’t keep a good raver down. In March this year I wrote about my six month epic journey (from September 2016 to February 2017) of listening to nothing but Slipmatt. That was over 400 hours covering hip house, acid house, rave, jungle, drum n bass, house, trance and rave breaks from every World Of Rave show, FaceBook Sessions, Slip Back In Time and everything else I could find online such as live sets from Fantazia, Dreamscape, Helter Skelter and United Dance as well as CDs.

Then I ran out. I was left with nothing. At that point I decided I would take a break from dance music, however I just couldn’t do it. I had a couple of days of listening to my other love, swing and big band – but I missed the sound of Slipmatt. I missed the choons, the samples, the mixing, the energy and the vibe, even the MCing – nothing beats that feeling of when a rave anthem drops in the middle of a mix – you hear it coming in, you recognise it and a rush comes over you.

So I’m back. Slipmatt is loaded on my playlist, I found over 100 new mixes online and I look forward to each new weekly World Of Rave show. Its now been a few months and I am still cranking out the old skool sounds and now adding in his new show ‘Slips House’ featuring new style house. I also set my phone ringtone to ‘On A Ragga Tip’ – which may not be a good thing as I tend to dance to it rather than answer it.

Long live the rave scene. You just cant beat the golden era of underground dance, late 80s acid, early 90s rave/jungle and mid 90s happy hardcore.

Big respect to the legendary Slipmatt, without him the dance scene would be a very different place and my musical tastes would be too.

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